Symphony Touch 20 Litre Personal Air Cooler (White)- with i-Pure Technology


Symphony Touch 20 Litre Personal Air Cooler (White)- with i-Pure Technology


Control Knobs: The control knobs in Touch 20 are hand-operated and provide pleasant cooling. You can set the cooling functions from medium high and low, as per your requirements.
Coverage Area: Coverage Area for of Touch 20 is that for rooms up to 42 m3. This essentially shows that the cooling experience with Touch 20 goes far and wide.
Multi-Directional Castor Wheels: These wheels provide superior mobility and convenience. The cooler is your long term companion as through its multi-directional castor wheels, it moves along with you, swinging from front to back and left to right, anywhere and any place as per your convenience.
Icy Water Inlet: The water inlet in Diet Touch 20 lets cool water to settle in and give out maximum cooling. As per your preference of cooling, you can choose to pour normal water or ice water and enjoy breezy air flow.
20 L Water Tank Capacity: The water tank capacity in Touch 20 is 20 liters, indicating the name. This shows that the cooler will be able to produce sufficient and satisfactory cooling.
I-Pure Technology: The inbuilt i-pure technology provides multistage air purification that comprises of 5 stage filters against dust, smell, allergy, bacteria and wash. Touch 20 ensures to be your essential health guardian.
Fully Closable Louvers: The fully closable louvers keep away unwanted elements to keep the aesthetics intact. This ensures for durability and longevity of the cooler.
Ultrasonic Sound Wave Radiation: The sound waves ward off mosquitoes & insects ensuring for a healthy & hearty environment, safe enough for both children and the aged.
Effortless Maintenance: One of the major USP of having Touch 20 is the effortless maintenance that comes along with the cooler. Cleaning this sensible cooler is a simple snap of the finger. It is the best saver combination of time and money.
High Efficiency Honeycomb Pad: The honey comb pad in Touch 20 absorbs remainder dust particles and cleanses air thoroughly, suitably ensuring sanitized and consistent air flow.
Detachable Water Tank: The water tank in Touch 20 is detachable. This brings in convenience as per your requirements if and when you wish to empty the water tank. This also proves efficient when you want to clean the tank, naturally becoming a very handy option.
Keep window/door open for cross ventilation.
Runs on operating cost of a fan, also works on inverter power.


Air cooling is best delivered by another innovation Touch 20 from Symphony. Ultrasonic Sound Wave Radiation transmitted from the cooler wards off mosquitoes & insects, which ensures for a hygienic environment. Other noticeable aspects of the striking air cooler are its embodiment of new age features like i-pure technology, a convenient detachable water tank and fully closable louvers that ensure durability and longevity of the smart cooler. Be ready to be blown off of your mind with the coolness of Touch 20 that aptly suits all sensibilities. Along with its stunning looks, its equally impressive constituents are the honeycomb cooling pad and a powerful blower, always resulting with an impressive and an unforgettable performance. This phenomenal air cooler with endless features will give your household an advantageous addition.

Additional information

Weight 12000 g
Dimensions 35 × 47 × 69 cm


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